Precise Particle Engineering

Particle size and morphology. Doping and alloying. Choice of dispersants. Cerion’s unmatched ability to control a wide range of particle attributes allows us to develop proprietary, high-performance nanoparticles that meet our customer’s performance needs across a wide variety of industries and application areas.

Our Technology +


What good is creating innovative nanoparticles in the lab if you can’t scale them for high-volume manufacturing? Cerion’s expertise, in addition to custom R&D for industry, is in manufacturing performance nanoparticles and other complex materials for the largest chemical, energy, electronics and pharmaceutical companies in the world.

Manufacturing +

Why Cerion?

Founded in 2007, Cerion develops and manufactures novel, high-performance metal, metal oxide and mixed-metal nanoparticles for industry. Where we set ourselves apart:

• Nanoparticle customization

• Speed to scale up complex materials

• Flexible and cost-effective industrial manufacturing

Cerion Introduction

To inquire about custom R&D, contract manufacturing or to evaluate one of our portfolio materials:

Contact Chris Skipper, Director of Business Development, at (585) 329-7535 or