Nanoparticle Customization & Manufacturing


Founded in 2007, Cerion’s core expertise is the development, customization and manufacture of high-performance metal, metal oxide and mixed-metal nanoparticles for a wide range of industrial products including, but not limited to: functional coatings, thin films, catalysts, performance additives, printed electronics, biologics and antimicrobials.
Our team's unique expertise was established during their tenure at Kodak, where they were global leaders in the stable dispersion of nanoparticle colloids for photographic film emulsions.

Since our inception, we have expanded our technology expertise and grown our portfolio of materials that we can customize and manufacture for industry to include titanium dioxide, gold, silver, nickel, zirconia, zinc oxide, iron oxide, cobalt oxide and ceria in addition to several custom doped and alloyed nanoparticles. We are routinely hired by multi-national chemical, energy, electronics and pharmaceutical companies to custom design nanoparticles for their performance products and are often contracted to manufacture these materials at commercial scale.