A Global Leader in Nanoparticle Engineering and Manufacturing

Our Technology

Cerion’s position as a global leader in the development, optimization and manufacturing of high-performance nanoparticles is a result of several points of technical differentiation that include:

Tons, Not Kilograms

Our focus is the manufacture of high-performance nanoparticles at true industrial scale.


The ability to create, manipulate, and manufacture metal, metal oxide and mixed-metal nanoparticles at a wide range of custom sizes from two nanometers to two microns.


Best-in-class particle size distribution which ensures maximum end-product performance.

Range of Materials

Deep experience working with various materials including rare earths, precious metals, base metals and oxides.


A bottom-up chemical process that can be modified for either an aqueous or organic environment.


Precise control over various material attributes including particle size, surface charge, surface chemistry, structure and pH.

Mixed Metals

Whether doping a silver nanoparticle with .25% copper or creating novel ceria/iron oxide core-shell structures, Cerion can develop unique combinations of metals and oxides that will maximize your product’s performance.

Dispersion Expertise

Our nanoparticle dispersions are stable and un-agglomerated for a minimum of 6 months, but most often indefinitely.

High Concentrations

15-85% concentrations of our nanoparticles (depending on material) represent the highest levels in the industry.

Rapid Commercialization

Ability to rapidly produce 1,000 – 5,000x of lab scale volumes usually in less than six months.