Ceria Nanoparticles

High-Performance Nanoceria Dispersions

Cerion’s patented processes allow us to customize and manufacture 2-3nm ceria at industrial scale volumes. This size range has been proven to be the most reactive and thermodynamically stable for many applications.

Based on customer specifications, Cerion can:

• Manipulate surface charge, surface coating and offer a wide range of dopants
• Offer some of the tightest particle size distributions in the industry
• Guarantee at least 6-month stability for our commercialized dispersions
• Deliver ceria nanoparticles at up to 40% concentration in water over a wide pH range
• Shift nanoparticles into a wide variety of organic solvents
• Scale-up custom materials from 1,000 – 5,000x lab quantities in less than 6 months


Our high-performance ceria nanoparticles are available for optimization and incorporation into a myriad of industrial products and applications including:

• Catalysts
• Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Electrolytes
• CMP Slurries
• UV Absorbers
• Catalyst Supports
• Solar Cells
• Drug Delivery
• Anti-oxidants in Biological Systems
• Anti-corrosion Additives
• Sensors

Material Inquiries

To inquire about our commercialized ceria dispersions or to learn how Cerion can develop and manufacture customized ceria nanoparticles for your industrial products, please fill out the form and you will be contacted directly by a representative from our business development team within 24 hours.

Representative Size Distribution

Image of Cerion’s ultra-small, high concentration Ceria nanoparticles

Smaller is Better

While not the case for every material or application, in most products, the use of ultra-small nanoceria can improve performance and save money.

Compared to Bulk Ceria, Nanoceria has:

• Exponentially higher surface area
• Increased reactivity
• Optimal biocompatibility
• Superior UV-filtering properties
• Higher oxygen ionic conductivity
• Ability to scavenge reactive oxygen species (ROS) in biological systems

Example of Cerion’s nanoceria coated on a zeolite support versus commercially available ceria coated on the same support

Commercialized Dispersions

In addition to offering a catalog of commercialized dispersions, Cerion can develop custom ceria nanoparticles according to our industrial partner’s product specifications.

• Cerium dioxide (aqueous, <5.0nm, 20% solids, high pH)
• Cerium dioxide (aqueous, <5.0nm, 20% solids, low pH)
• Cerium/Iron Mixed Metal Oxide (aqueous, <5.0nm, 20% solids, pH 4.75)
• Cerium/Iron Mixed Metal Oxide in Octanoic acid & Kensol 50H (<5.0nm, 2% solids)
• Cerium dioxide in Isopar L (<5.0nm, up to 15% solids)
• Cerium doped with Zirconium dioxide (aqueous, <5.0nm, up to 13% solids, pH 8)
• Cerium doped with Gadolinium dioxide (aqueous, <5.0nm, 7% solids, pH 8)
NOTE: Please inquire about our biologically compatible nanoceria dispersions