Iron Oxyhydroxide Nanoparticles

<5nm Iron Oxyhydroxide Nanoparticle Dispersions

Applications include:

• Biomedical
• Catalysis
• Water treatment/purification
• Cathode materials
• Colorants
• Coatings

Based on customer needs, Cerion can:

• Manipulate surface charge, surface coating and offer a wide range of dopants
• Offer some of the tightest particle size distributions in the industry
• Guarantee at least 6-month stability for our commercialized dispersions
• Deliver iron nanoparticles at up to 20% concentration in water over a wide pH range
• Shift nanoparticles into a wide variety of organic solvents
• Scale-up custom materials from 1,000 – 5,000x lab quantities in less than 6 months

Material Inquiries

To evaluate our current iron nanoparticles or to learn how Cerion can develop and manufacture customized high concentration iron oxyhydroxide nanoparticle dispersions for your industrial applications please fill out the form below and you will be contacted by a representatives from our business development team within 24 hours.

Cerion’s ultra-small iron oxyhydroxide nanoparticles are available
in both aqueous and hydrocarbon dispersions.

Cerion’s Iron Oxyhydroxide (FeOOH) Nanoparticle Aqueous Dispersion (FEO-W320)


% Solids (wt %):
20.0 +/- 0.5 as Fe2O3

3.0+/- 0.5

< 5.0 nm by Dynamic Light Scattering (DLS)

Polydispersity Index:
< 0.35

Chemical Composition (particles):
> 99.9 % FeOOH Density (@ 25 oC):1.20 g/ml

TEM of FEO-W320 particles

DLS Particle Size Distribution

Iron Oxyhydroxide (FeOOH) Nanoparticle Dispersion in Kensol H (FEO-KE08)


% Solids:
8.0 +/- 0.3 % as FeOOH

Density (230C):
0.88 g/ml

Mean Number Weighted Particle Diameter:
< 5 nm by Dynamic Light Scattering (DLS)

Polydispersity Index:
< 0.30

Room Temperature Stability:
> 1 year

Chemical Composition (particles):

Residual Water (by Karl Fischer titration):
< 0.60%

TEM image of FEO-KE08 Particles

DLS Particle Size Distribution

Cerion’s Iron Oxyhydroxide Nanoparticles as a Superior Oxidation Catalyst

Thermogravimetric analysis (TGA) was employed to characterize oxidation activity of Cerion’s iron oxyhydroxide nanoparticles loaded on Degussa S170 carbon black compared to a competitive iron catalyst product.

• 3% Loading of Cerion vs. Competitor

• % Weight Loss at 45 minutes & Temp 200-600°C

Commercialized Dispersions

While our commercialized dispersions are featured below, Cerion often develops custom tailored nanoparticles according to our industrial partner’s exact specifications and end-use applications.

• Iron Oxyhydroxide (FeOOH) nanoparticle aqueous dispersion (FEO-W320)
• Iron Oxyhydroxide (FeOOH) nanoparticle dispersion in Kensol H (FEO-KE08)
• Cerium/Iron Mixed Metal Oxide (aqueous, < 5.0nm, 20% solids, pH 4.75)
• Cerium/Iron Mixed Metal Oxide in Octanoic acid and Kensol 50H (< 5.0nm, 2% solids)