Silver Nanoparticles


Building on decades of experience developing and manufacturing silver-based photographic film products at Kodak, our team has produced a portfolio of high-performance, ultra-small silver nanoparticle dispersions for industrial applications.

Whether you are developing a low-temperature sintering conductive paste or tunable sensors, Cerion can offer silver nanoparticles that are completely customizable to our customer’s specifications and, most importantly, are able to be manufactured at industrial scale volumes (tons).

• 10-13nm as measured by DLS
• Stable and easily dispersed
• Up to 45% silver by weight in water
• Up to 75% silver by weight in organic solvents
• Aqueous dispersion has a viscosity of 2.4mPas
• Capability to scale-up custom materials from 1,000 – 5,000x lab quantities in less than 6 months

Material Inquiries

To evaluate our current silver nanoparticles or to learn how Cerion can develop and manufacture customized high concentration silver nanoparticle dispersions for your industrial applications please fill out the form below and you will be contacted by a representatives from our business development team within 24 hours.

Our high-performance silver nanoparticles have been incorporated into a variety of industrial products including:

• Conductive inks and pastes
• Catalysts
• Antimicrobials
• Sensors
• Therapeutics
• Photovoltaics
• Nanocomposites

Summary of 4-point Conductivity Measurements

Conductivity of silver films prepared on glass substrates using Cerion's non-aqueous silver dispersed in cyclohexane.

Surface Roughness

A Tencor profilometer was used to assess film thickness and surface roughness. Scratches were made through the silver films to the level of the glass and the profilometer stylus was drawn across the sample. Variations in stylus displacement provide a measure of the surface topography.

Measurement of film thickness and surface roughness of silver films prepared on glass substrates using Cerion's non-aqueous silver dispersed in cyclohexane and annealed at 150 C

SEMs of Silver Films

Cerion non-aqueous silver nanoparticles dispersed in heptane; spin coated at 1000 RPM; annealed 30 minutes at 200 C; 0.2 μm thick film; 0.19 Ω/□ FESEM cross section; 50000x