TiO2 NanoParticles

Ultra-Fine TiO2 Dispersions

In response to industry demand for a consistent North American manufacturer of ultra-fine TiO2 for a variety of applications such as photo-catalytic coatings, UV absorbers and catalyst supports, Cerion has developed two variations of TiO2 that are now available for industry evaluation and optimization. Our team is currently developing additional products across a range of particle sizes, concentrations and prices that ultimately will be manufactured at industrial scale volumes.


Material Inquiries

To evaluate our current materials or to learn how Cerion can develop and manufacture customized ultra-fine TiO2 dispersions for your industrial applications please fill out the form below and you will be contacted by a representative from our business development team within 24 hours.

Customizable Dispersions

Additionally, Cerion also has the capability to customize TiO2 dispersions (particle size, pH, carrier, concentration) to achieve maximum performance and value in our customer’s product applications.

Photobleach Activity (using Methylene Blue Dye and 0.05% TiO2) with UV light source (wavelength 365 nm, 18 watt).

The pink vertical lines represent the literature lattice lines for Anatase morphology of TiO2. Crystallite size (Scherrer method) is measured to be 5.5 nm. Minor peak at 2 Theta = ~ 31 degrees is possibly due to Brookite phase TiO2.

Refractive Index data for Cerion’s ultra-fine TiO2 dispersions

Ellipsometry of Cerion TiO2 Nanoparticle Dispersion Coatings on Silicon Wafer.