Zirconia Nanoparticles Dispersion (In-Development)

There is increasing demand for customized, high performance zirconia nanoparticles for a wide range of commercial products including:

• Resins for Optics
• Refractory Products
• Thermal Barrier Coatings
• Ceramic Additives
• Biomedical and Dental Implants
• Catalysts

When integrated into products, zirconia nanoparticles can significantly improve strength, toughness and scratch resistance, increase refractive index and lower thermal conductivity while exhibiting excellent transparency.

Material Inquiries

To inquire about our commercialized zirconia nanoparticles dispersion or to learn how Cerion can develop and manufacture customized zirconia nanoparticles for your industrial products, please fill out the form and you will be contacted directly by a representative from our business development team within 24 hours, or contact Chris Skipper directly at (585) 329-7535.

Particle Stability

Although many companies market zirconia nanoparticles that promise the performance improvements outlined above, in reality, their products are most often agglomerated, unstable and have broad particle size distribution that result in haze and inconsistent performance.

Cerion has developed dispersions of 3nm zirconia nanoparticles in a number of solvents, at up to 60% particle concentration, that are now available for sample evaluations. The particles are stabilized with a capping agent that can minimize adverse effect on refractive index.

In fact, their refractive index of 2.05-2.10 in the visible light region is superior to leading in-market zirconia products.